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Cozumel El Cielo Tour

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"heaven on earth"

Cozumel El Cielo Tour

Cozumel El Cielo Tour

Short Description

One of the best places on the island of Cozumel is known as Playa el cielo.

This is one of the best excursions Cozumel has to offer, visit this wonderful place the Cozumel El Cielo Tour has the most attractive combinations of the destination.

As they say, a picture says more than a thousand words we have added a descriptive video of our excursion, we ask that once you finish seeing it, return to this page since there are still some details that we must explain

This video does not belong to us, however, it is very similar to our Cozumel El Cielo Tour

Please consider that there are taxes to be paid

You need to add $150 pesos mxn o $10 USD for taxes per person for this excursion Click here for more information

If you are looking for an excursion that is a different type of adventure, Cozumel El Cielo Tour is perfect for you. It is a perfect balance of exploration and relaxation, full of fun with the most beautiful crystal- clear waters the Mexican Caribbean can offer.

It includes excellent snorkeling in Cozumel, delicious snacks, all at a very affordable price. The price is $30 USD + Taxes per person and it's in the same price range as any other El Cielo Cozumel snorkel tour on the island, but you won't have as much fun with anyone else!

Cozumel's main attraction

Cozumel Estrellas de mar

If Cozumel has something to boast about it's the incredible reef system, its crystal- clear waters and gentle currents are the delight of our visitors. On this tour you will have the opportunity to visit two of the best reefs that the island has to offer, always under the care of our snorkel guides who will be aware of your safety, but also very attentive to the surprises that may be on the way, such as turtles, manta rays, multicolored fish etc.

Then we will visit the famous place called the El Cielo, it owes its name to the combination of the starfish that, together with the blue of the sea, it seems that you are seeing El Cielo, but instead of being up in the stars, it is down at the bottom of the sea.

You can pay for the day of the tour

NO RISK to you, we trust in your honesty --- restrictions apply Clic here for more information

Cozumel El Cielo Tour from Playa del Carmen

Unfortunately we do not have departures from Playa del Carmen on this excursion, you would have to get to Cozumel on the passenger ferry

If you are in Playa del Carmen and you are interested in participating in this excursion let me, tell you that it is very easy to get to the Island of Cozumel. For our tour, "El Cielo Cozumel from Playa del Carmen", we have 3 departures throughout the day:

  • 10:00 am
  • 12:00 pm
  • 02:00 pm

Cozumel El Cielo Tour arriving by Cruise

If you visit Cozumel on a cruise ship the departures usually begin about an hour after the arrival of that cruise ship to the island of Cozumel.

We prioritize making our guests feel as comfortable as possible, the meeting place is a place close to where your cruise ship is located, to avoid having to deal with the hassle of taking an expensive taxi to the marina and avoid having to deal with the problem of transportation. Leave your problems at the pier and choose this tour! Cozumel El Cielo Tour is perfect for you!


Cozumel tour de snorkel

We will take care of you throughout the tour, our team is very attentive and careful when giving instructions for the Snorkel Tour in Cozumel El Cielo and will make sure you feel comfortable and safe enjoying the amazing underwater life while diving in crystal clear waters, even diving to point out different things about the reefs; You won't believe all the beauty you'll see, sea turtles, reef sharks, rays, lobsters and much more!

We take you to two of the best reefs on the island for snorkeling; the Palancar reef and the Colombia reef, fortunately are very close to the El Cielo beach in Cozumel. That means as soon as you're done snorkeling, we'll be able to go to heaven on earth! This is our last stop of the tour, but we saved the best for last! It is one of the most beautiful uninhabited beaches in Cozumel! It is certainly a privilege to be surrounded by so much beauty and such wonderful people. This stop will be the highlight of your trip, and you must see it to believe it!

El Cielo Beach

Cozumel el cielo tour familiar

Beautiful light blue water, mostly shallow parts near the beach, the water is warm, waist-high, crystal-clear water, soft white sand, the most beautiful natural pool in the world with beautiful starfish. You can get the best photos here!

El Cielito / Sand Bank

Cozumel el cielo tour tiempo increible

Once we anchor at Playa El Cielo, the party will begin! The best party on the most beautiful beach, fun guaranteed, you will laugh so much, that your face will hurt from doing it so much! Have we mentioned how relaxing this tour is? Snacks, we also have DRINKS, you will start this journey as a stranger and leave as a friend! All of our guests, whether they are part of a private tour, or a group tour, can request special accommodations, such as meals or drinks. This is possible thanks to our Cozumel El Cielo Tour


Our guides and crew know how to have fun and have a lot of experience and the boats we have are fast and agile. You might see the huge catamarans with around 80 to 100 people on them, but these tours are expensive and crowded

Yes, there are other tours in Cozumel to go to El Cielo that you can choose from, but we can't guarantee that they will have a team that will do their best to make sure that you and your family are taken care of. We can promise you that! If you need something, all you have to do is ask, let's be clear, this is not our job, this is our passion! The service, attention and professionalism you will get from our staff is amazing.

Last minute booking Flexibility

I want to wait until the day of my arrival to book Cozumel El Cielo Tour

Not everyone likes to plan every detail of their vacation in advance. You may be the type of person who waits to book tours until the day you arrive because you want to see how you're feeling, make sure the weather is okay, check on your friends' moods, or simply because you like a little spontaneity in the life.

If you want to wait until you get to Playa del Carmen / Cancun to book Cozumel El Cielo Tour, no problem. When you are in Playa del Carmen / Cancun, simply call us or send us a WhatsApp message through this website from your phone and book your tour.

If you book Cozumel El Cielo Tour in the morning, we likely still have availability. If not, we will help you find something else. Just because you wait until the last minute doesn't mean you're obligated to book in advance. Even if you have a large group, we can usually meet your needs if you contact us between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m.


Once you have made your reservation, you will receive a confirmation by email or WhatsApp indicating the details of the reservation, you will also see the location of the meeting point and the instructions explained according to your cruise schedule, dock, and where we will pick you up. The place where we pick you up is just a couple of minutes walk to a pier that is right next to your cruise ship

Be sure to book in advance because our tour fills up pretty quickly, don't think twice, just book it, we guarantee you a good time!

Support this local business and the other local family businesses we work with as well.

If you are looking for beautiful views of the island, with Cozumel El Cielo Tour, then you have found the right place! We are the best choice for you, you will have a good time in the crystal-clear waters at an affordable price, and amazing service.

Other Excursions

In addition to Cozumel el cielo tour we have other excursions for those who want to see other very interesting options of excursions on the island of Cozumel

We have

Our company has a large variety of tour options in Cozumel, in addition many of them can be combined the same day taking advantage of the fact that you are already in Cozumel. A very good combination is Cozumel El Cielo Tour, and then a jeep tour around the island. With this combo you can visit the best attractions of Cozumel in a single day; aquatic and terrestrial.


Very soon a blog will be online in which we will share suggestions and recommendations on how to get the best out of your visit to the Island of Cozumel.

The blog will be embodied with years of experience and all the wisdom of a person who has seen the most common successes and mistakes of our visitors.

In it we answer questions such as:

  • El Cielo Sanbar
  • El Cielo Cozumel Starfish
  • Playa El Cielo
  • El Cielo Cozumel Snorkeling Tour

Social Media

The world changes, evolves, that is why we must adapt to new technologies, we have a section on Facebook, in which we share very interesting information about our excursions, we invite you to check it out. If you find it helpful and interesting, you can give us a LIKE, and from here we will thank you.

Share through your favorite social network


The price we currently have are as follows

  • Adults (+9 years) - ($550 pesos + 150 Taxes pesos mxn) $700 pesos mxn per person or ($30 + $10 Taxes) $40 USD
  • Children (3-9 years) - ($450 pesos + 150 Taxes pesos mxn) $600 pesos mxn per child or ($25 + $10 Taxes) $35 USD
  • Infants under 3 years old do not pay however they would go in the arms of the parents

Meeting Place

​The tour takes place in Cozumel, so it is necessary for the client to arrive to the Island of Cozumel by their own means, there are ferries from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel every hour from 08:00 am to 09:00 pm

Once in Cozumel the meeting place is at the end of the pier, just 5 minutes from where the passenger ferry that comes from Playa del Carmen drops you off.

  • If you are coming from Playa del Carmen you must arrive in Cozumel, the meeting place is at the statue of 3 swallows at the end of the pier
  • If you are in Cozumel, please tell us in which hotel, because if you are in a hotel like Secrets, Allegro, Iberostar we can stop by and pick you up at the hotel pier. You would be responsible for paying the pier taxes directly to your hotel.

Any questions you have we are here to serve you please, with all confidence contact the customer service department, we are here to serve you.


These are the things we have included in the excursion

Check out this list

  • Ride on the boat
  • Visit to the reef
  • Snorkeling equipment (Except fins)
  • Guía de snorkel
  • Snorkel guide
  • Visit to El Cielo (Starfish)
  • Visit to the cielito (Sandbank)
  • Snacks (Not a formal meal)
  • Facilities at the beach club

Not Included

​On the Cozumel El Cielo Tour, we want to avoid misunderstandings, it is important that you read this list of things that are not included in the tour

  • Photos
  • Tips
  • Transfer ferry from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen and vice versa (Only applies if you are not already on the island of Cozumel)
  • In the beach club does not include drinks and food (However facilities if included)
  • We do not provide fins on the snorkel stops (If you have your own you may bring them)
  • If it is not in the " included tab " it means that it is not included


Unfortunately we dont any promotion available at this time

What to Bring

These are the things that in our consideration and based on our experience are the most necessary things to have a beautiful activity

  • Camera to take photos
  • Light clothing
  • Sandals or Water Shoes
  • Hat for the sun
  • Sunglasses
  • Dry fit long-sleeved t-shirt to protect yourself from the sun (no sunscreen allowed)
  • Extra money
  • Swimsuit
  • Towels
  • Bring a change of clothes

Payment Methods

The most normal forms of payment are available

  • We prefer cash, pesos, dollars or euros
  • Bank deposit OXXO etc. (At least 2 days in advance)
  • Electronic transfers (At least 2 days in advance)
  • PayPal (there is a 4-5% increase in commissions)

Frequent questions

Frequent questions

1.- What departure times do you have?

We have 3 departures every day, as long as the weather conditions allow it

  • 10:00 am
  • 12:00 pm
  • 02:00 pm

2.- Does this excursion of Cozumel El Cielo Tour depart every day?

Yes. this tour is available every day, however it depends on the weather conditions, so it is very important before leaving your hotel to talk to know if the tour is going to take place or not

3.- I want to leave at a specific time, is it possible?

Unfortunately not. This is a shared tour so we already have set departure times

4.- How long is the excursion of Cozumel El Cielo Tour

If you take the 10:00 or 12:00 tour it lasts approximately 6 hours, if you take the 2 o'clock tour it lasts 4 hours

5.- I don't know how to swim, is it a problem?

You do not have to be an expert swimmer but if you are comfortable in the water, if you do not know how to swim you can try, but it is best to do it in the part El Cielo or in the sand

6.- What type of boat do you have?

They are small and agile boats, to avoid taking too long to reach the south of the island, please request a photo of the boats to know if they meet your expectations

7.- What is the meeting place for the Cozumel El Cielo Tour?

Once in Cozumel, at the end of the pier where the ferry coming from Playa del Carmen drops you off, there is a statue of 3 swallows, that is the meeting place. It is only a 5-minute walk

8.- I was late, I did not reach the ferry Can you wait for me?

I must be very honest; it is very difficult; we can schedule in the next available time, or you can reschedule for tomorrow

If that is your case, please let us know as soon as possible to make the necessary adjustments

9.- I am already in the meeting place, but I do not see them, what do I do?

Immediately call the contact number provided to you when making the reservation, or send a message on WhatsApp

10.- You have a transfer service from Playa del Carmen, Cancun or Tulum

Unfortunately no, we do not have vans in the Riviera Maya, the client must cross to the island of Cozumel by their own means

If you do that you have more freedom of action, because you do not have to return at a specific time, if you take the first tour at the end of the excursion you can take the opportunity to know the center of Cozumel, if you take the last tour you can cross earlier the same to know before taking the tour the island

11.- I bring small children, can you take this excursion?

Yes, if the children know how to swim or have snorkeling experience they will have a great time, if they are very young children we would have to analyze each case, send a message and we will gladly help you

12.- In Cozumel El Cielo Tour, what is the minimum age to snorkel?

Usually 7 years, although it depends on each child, there are children who know how to swim from a very young age, important you should be aware of your children on the reef

1.- I couldn't print my receipt of confirmation of services what happens?

Nothing happens, everything is made to not print anything, you can show your receipt digitally on your cell phone

2.- Can I show my receipt on my cell phone?

Yes. In fact, it is the recommended method

3.- How should I be dressed?

Swimsuit, comfortable clothes and light colors, a dry fit long-sleeved rash

4.- Do you have a place to store my things?

Unfortunately, we do not have lockers, the space on the boat is small, please only bring what you need in a backpack

5.- What days are there fewer people on the tour?

Usually the beginning of the week, however, if it is holiday time every day there may be a good flow of visitors, so it can vary

6.- Can I bring my own food or drink?

Yes, however in the beach club you must consume the drinks and food that the beach club sells, in the part of El Cielo or cielito there is no problem

What does it include if I book Cozumel El Cielo Tour

Broadly speaking

  • Ride on the boat
  • Visit to the reef
  • Snorkeling equipment (Except fins)
  • Snorkel guide
  • Visit El Cielo (Starfish)
  • Visit to the Cielito (Sandbank)
  • Snacks (Not a formal meal)
  • Facilities at the beach club

2.- Does it include lockers?

No, we do not have lockers, please only bring what you need, remember it is a water excursion things can get wet

3.- Do we have an open bar?, everything we want to take?

No, this tour only includes margaritas, it is a family tour

4.- How long does the excursion last?

Usually, 6 hours if you take the 10am or 12pm tour, and 4 hours if you choose the 2pm tour.

1.- Can I pay by credit card?

Unfortunately no. Only cash (USD, pesos mx o euros)

2.- I can pay in cash when I arrive in Cozumel

Yes. We have that option however we only ask that it be a confirmed reservation and that if for some reason you will not be able to attend, that you will notify us as soon as possible so that we may sell those spaces to other clients who are interested

3.- Do you have any promotion?

Not now, but send us a message if you are a large group, we can create something for you

4.- What is the price of adults?

$700 pesos per person or $40 USD, is considered an adult 9 years and up

5.- How much do children cost?

$600 pesos or $35 USD per child, children between 3 and 9 years old are considered

5.- You have a special price for older adults, locals, people with different abilities, travel agents, locals

The price is already with promotion, but send us a message sometimes we can authorize special last-minute prices

1.- How can I make the reservation?

The recommended method is through the website, but it can also be by WhatsApp, email or phone call

2.- How do I know that the reservation is already made?

If you were sent a receipt of confirmation of services, with your confirmation number, it is a sign that the reservation is already formalized, but any questions please send an email

3.- What are your opening hours for customer service?

We are available 24 hours a day, however, the hours we guarantee the service are

  • Monday to Friday 07:00 am – 10:00 pm hora local
  • Saturday and Sunday 07:00 am – 08:00 pm hora local

4.- How far in advance can I make my reservation?

The framework of reservations where we can guarantee the same price, is from 15 days before the excursion to 1 night before the excursion

5.- Can I pass my reservation to someone else?

Yes, as long as you notify us and pass on the other person's information

6.- Can I change the date of my reservation?

Yes, as long as you notify us as soon as possible so that those spaces can be sold with some other client

7.- I don't feel good? Can I cancel?

Yes, of course we are aware that sometimes things do not go as planned, just let us know as soon as possible to avoid penalties

8.- What are the cancellation and refund policies?

Usually they are the following criteria, but it may vary please send an email

  • 100% refund if 24 hours in advance
  • No refund if it's no show

9.- Can I cancel or change the date of my visit?

Yes, just let us know as soon as possible, to make the necessary adjustments

10.- How far in advance can I make my reservation?

We recommend between 1 month before and one night before the tour


We put at your disposal the following itinerary, making it very clear that all times are approximate and may vary for situations beyond our control, for the safety of the group or by common agreement of the majority of the participants of the excursion.

  • CHECK-IN Schedules

    We have 3 Check-in times at 10:00 am, 12:00 pm or 02:00 pm

  • Departure of the Excursion

    We will try as hard as possible to leave as quickly as possible, although it depends on the number of reservations we have and the form of payment of the other customers

  • Transfer to the REEFs

    From downtown Cozumel to the reef area the transfer time is approximately 45-60 minutes.

    That is why it is advisable to use fast and agile boats

  • Visit to the REEFs

    We will visit the reef of Colombia and Palancar in a single dive (only off the boat 1 time for these 2 reefs)

  • Visit to EL Cielo (STARFISH)

    We will visit the starfish in their natural habitat, snorkeling in water with unbeatable tones

    Important: It is strictly forbidden to touch the starfish

  • Visit the SANDBANK (El Cielito)

    The sandbank is an area of very low depth, it is like a pool, there you can take photos and sometimes there are some manta rays

  • Visit to the BEACH CLUB

    We will visit a beach club, where all facilities are included in the price, however drinks and food at the beach club are not included

    If you are not interested in the beach club we ask you to let us know before taking the tour


    You will return to downtown Cozumel either by taxi paid by the company or on the boats. *Important the company provides the transportation service if the two hours are met in the beach club*


To ensure the safety of tour participants we have some restrictions for your consideration

  • Keep in mind there are taxes to be paid $150 pesos per person o $10 USD o 10 euros per person
  • To apply the payment on the day of the excursion it is only for groups of less than 4 people. If you make two reservations we cannot guarantee that you will go on the same boat or in the same section of the boat
  • Minimum age for snorkeling is 7 years
  • It is advisable to know how to swim to enjoy snorkeling
  • Not designed for people in wheelchairs
  • All minors must be accompanied by an adult responsible for them
  • People with asthma, heart problems, back problems and pregnant women are not allowed
  • People under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not allowed
  • Be well physically and emotionally
  • Have a feeling of respect and tolerance for others


We do not charge anything in advance, however if you a reserving for a large group we will ask for a deposit in which the following criteria apply

  • Cancellations 24 hours without penalty
  • No Show No refund


Leave a review
10 Reviews
- January -


"Snorkeling was wonderful. We saw two turtles and a small stingray and a million fish! El Cielo was nice play time in the beautiful water"

- June -


"Very nice trip and super friendly staff"

- December -


"The snorkeling on this excursion is more of an ocean swim"

- December -


"I spent more time trying to keep up with the guides and boat than I did looking at fish. However, the staff is great and lots of fun. El Cielo is very nice and relaxing. My kids loved it and that is all that mattered."

- October -


"Crew did discuss the boat, safety, expectations in a friendly, timely manner, they were very courteous and tourist friendly. Only negative, was since we were day 1 beginners, a little more time spent on snorkeling technique would have been helpful. That's it, everything else was fine."

- October -


"Fun tour, but crowded"

- September -


"This was a great boat ride and snorkel. The crew was excellent and everyone had a great time. We have done a few different trips while on the island but this was by far the best."

- September -


"There wasn't much to see where we were going to snorkel, but the rest of the tour was great! The staff was very friendly and made sure we were all safe and well taken care of."

- August -


"Good excursion in Cozumel, Boat was clean, staff was very friendly and helpful. Snorkeling was good, sailed to a shallow area where we saw a good amount of fish. They kept us in a very tight little area however, and where there was a lot of people you couldn't swim much around at all, everyone was so close together."

- August -


"We really enjoyed the boat ride to snorkeling area,the reef is still attempting to repair itself since hurricane damage and the snorkeling isnt as wonderful as it used to be."