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Terms and conditions

All shore excursions offered by Cozumel Best Tours (herein defined as CBT) are based on good faith and trust between CBT staff, vendor and client.

Descriptions of excursions published by CBT are elaborated either directly by the vendor of CBT. If elaborated by CBT, authorization of the vendor was required prior to publishing. If your tour does not reflect the description of CBT, the vendor on site needs to be addressed as CBT may not be held responsible in retrospect. For possible changes to a tour itinerary, vehicle, time, etc., please read below.

When purchasing an excursion, CBT will try to revise all booking related details of your ship's arrival date, arrival time, departure time, etc. Nevertheless, it is the client's responsibility to make sure all booking details are in accordance with the client's ship's itinerary and schedule, including the possible difference between the ship's time and local time of the respective port of call. For more information about the local time of your port of call, please visit www.worldtimeserver.com. CBT is not responsible of the information, advertisement or privacy policy provided by www.worldtimeserver.com, however we consider this a safe and reliable source of information about local times.

If you have questions about the meeting times, local times, meeting locations, etc., you must contact CBT before your cruise sailing departure. If your cruise ship makes a change to its itinerary or schedule in port, please try to contact CBT immediately, we will try to re-accommodate your excursion or/and departure time.

Client's bookings may not be confirmed until agreement to the statements above and agreement to these terms and conditions. Client's booking may not be confirmed until vendor confirms availability. Once availability is confirmed you will receive your electronic ticket by email as provided during the booking process.

If your cruise ship does not visit the port of call or makes other changes that do not allow you to attend the booked excursion, CBT will guarantee a full refund. All changes must be communicate to CBT as soon as possible, no later than 14 days after your booked excursion date.

CBT reserves the right to make changes to any of the published excursions without prior notice. These changes may be due to changes required by the vendor or quality or safety improvements. Some excursion pictures shown on our websites may be for informational purpose only and do not apply to a certain excursion.

Vendor reserves the right to make changes to itinerary, content, timing, etc., of the excursion at any time. Please keep in mind that these changes may be due to safety concerns due to weather, client's condition, change in timings, etc., and will be made with having your safety and well being in mind.

It is possible that vendor needs to make a change regarding equipment/vehicle availability, failure, etc. In this case please do not take the excursion if you do not agree to the change, otherwise, if you participate in the excursion, no refund will be granted. Any issues in this regards needs to be communicated to CBT as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after your excursion date.

If vendor decides to cancel the excursion due to weather conditions or similar, full refund is granted to client. If participants decides not to participate in an excursion or to abandon an excursion due to weather conditions, no refund will be granted.

If client fails to show up at the designated meeting location and time, full refund will be granted if they notice with 24 hours advanced. If client decides to abandon the tour at a certain time, no refund will be granted and client is responsible for its own transportation back to the ship or next tour location, at client's expense.

CBT is responsible to grant refund (minus the below specified processing fees) if a certain excursion is cancelled prior to the time specified in the excursion specific cancellation policy. Additional charges may apply if cancelled later than the indicated time-frame as vendors have limited capacity and will not be able to fill your space after this time. All cancellations, partial cancellations and refunds made after 60 days of booking are subject to a PayPal processing fee of 3.5% to 5% as determined and automatically applied by PayPal. Cancellations made within the 60 days time frame of booking are not subject to any fees.

All cancellations must be sent by email to cozumelbesttours@gmail.com, using the same email registered during the booking process.
Charge backs that are decided in favor or CBT may are subject to an administration processing fee of $50.00, charged to the client's credit card (unauthorized charge-back).

Any promotions or coupon discounts published or offered are not valid with other promotions.

Please take note that the ship's staff, agents or managers are not authorized to change or cancel any excursion booked with CBT. CBT's excursions are independent from the cruise ship excursions and if one or more, or similar excursions are cancelled by the ship it does not mean that CBT's excursion is cancelled. You will be required to meet the vendor at the agreed excursion meeting location to see if your excursion is cancelled.

Any group rates provided by CBT are based on the amount of participants of the quote, no refunds will be available if less than the amount of participants agreed participate in the excursion. If part of a group cancels and a discount was applied to a specific number of group members, the discount will be lost and deducted from the refunded cancellations.

If one or more participants in your party have limited mobility conditions, please let us know so we can try to make the necessary arrangements for participation. If CBT is not informed of any of these or similar conditions, we cannot guarantee participation or satisfaction and therefore do not grant any refund.

Each client is responsible to verify the excursion's minimum age requirement, restrictions, etc. If one or more of these requirements or restrictions are not fulfilled, no refund will be granted if participation is denied on site by vendor. These conditions and restrictions are designed for your safety and well being and in many times are part of local legal and/or insurance and/or certification or similar requirements.

CBT is acting as a booking agent and therefore is not responsible for any loss, damage, injury, costs or delays resulting from your use of tour services. If any of the above issues occurred on your excursion you will be required to contact your excursion vendor for any responsibility or claim issues. Although we intend to only offer safe excursions provided by professional vendors, any accident or loss of belongings may occur. We recommend following the vendor's rules, regulations and recommendations. Any lost belongings are sometimes difficult to retrieve after your excursion; we recommend checking after each excursion location and excursion for your belongings. Vendor reserves the right to apply charges for any excursion equipment lost or damaged if rules, regulations or recommendations are not properly followed. For any of these issues, CBT will refer directly to vendor for follow up.

Prices shown on CBT website are in United States Dollars. If purchased in another currency, CBT is not responsible of the currency exchanged rate applied by the payment processing company. CBT reserves the right to change the price of an excursion at any time. Any bookings processed before a price changed will be respected their price at the time of booking.

The client has read these terms and conditions and agrees with them.

We then went on across the island to Punta Sur (while drinking plenty or beer, water for kids and sample of tequila here and there) if I describe more about our trip you won't be surprise but it was so amazingly beautiful , view from the top of the light house was stunning, lunch on a private beach

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Booking this tour online was very easy. We arrived to meet our driver a few minutes late and he had left with another group, which was a blessing to us. Our new driver was David, who was excellent. He took us on a tour of the city, which showed us not only the tourist areas, but areas where regular people live and work. He also took us to an excellent tequila farm and to the main shopping district

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while staying in Cozumel at the palace (great place), we decided we wanted to see the island these guys did not disappoint. we saw and climbed the lighthouse and saw the east coast, which is quite pretty. then we stopped at playa Bonita, a bar on the east shore. we sat in the shade with the waves pounding the beach, sucking on the jumbo margarita and enjoying some yummy tacos. we washed it all down with a shot of fine tequila too. the highlight of our trip. t was heaven!

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El Cielo was AMAZING. There simply is no more beautiful spot than this. We were there for hours, and the drinks flowed freely. They had fruit and chips with the best guac ever. A couple other boats anchored there for an hour or so each, but we were there for probably 3 hours.

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The best part about this tour is that it's flexible. Being that its a private tour, we had ours modified to include SNUBA. David was our guide and he was great, super nice and obviously loves what he does. I am a travel agent and after this experience, these guys are at the top of my recommend list for Cozumel!

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Juan has a special way of making certain that everyone has fun! Love the guy and love the day on and in the water!!!

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