Cozumel Private Chauffeur Excursion

Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoDuration: 4 - 4:30 hrs    Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoActivity Level: Low    Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoDeparture Time: Custom

Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexico
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion van
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Hidden Treasure
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Shopping
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Museum
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Paradise Beach
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Chocolate Factory
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Chankannab Park
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Mayan Ruins
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Mexican Food
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Good Times
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Casa Mission
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Do What You Want
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion San Gervasio
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Downtown Area
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Market
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Divers Monument
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Main Street
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Small Turtle
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Sunset Downtown
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Palancar Beach
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Good Combination
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Tequila Tasting
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Mexican Traditions
cozumel-private-chauffeur-excursion Mexican Fajitas

Important Information


Cozumel Private Chauffeur Excursion Van Do what you want! easy day excursion of Cozumel with your friendly Chauffeur
The best way to have a memorable experience in Cozumel is with the Cozumel Private Chauffeur Excursion. You are going to find it very convenient to have the flexible, customized, and private experience on the island; it is going to meet and even exceed your expectations. It is private and you only have to worry about doing what you want to do as a group on your own schedule.
Cozumel Private Chauffeur Excursion City Tour Having your own chauffeur is a great way to be in charge of your excursion, being able to stop wherever you want on the way and stop for as long as you want is the ideal plan to tour the island.
Also, having your own Cozumel Private Chauffeur will make you feel more secure and not having to worry about driving on the island; especially at such an affordable price.
In order to book and reserve the Cozumel Private Chauffeur Excursion in advance, you will need to pay a deposit and pay the difference after taking the excursion.
Cozumel Private Chauffeur Excursion Other Side We have the policy of "No Tour, No Fee" program, which mean that if you don't take the excursion we will give you back your deposit. We do ask for a 24 hour notice to make sure that the private tour guide we had reserved with you gets another booking.
If the cruise ship doesn't come into port for some reason and changes its schedule because of weather relates issues your ship might come across, we will refund the deposit that was previously paid.
We are an honest family owned business and we will not keep your deposit if you do not take the tour for some reason; we only ask that you contact us as soon as possible and let us know to avoid any mix ups for you as a client and us as a company.
Cozumel Private Chauffeur Excursion Family The reason why this Cozumel Excursion is the best for you, is because you will be able to customize your own tour while accommodating your needs and interests however you want! It's convenient to have your own private tour guide and chauffeur, to travel on your own time and not have to worry about being rushed or slowed down by others.
This is the perfect excursion for your whole family to love! By taking another tour, you might be dropped off at one place for the entire day, and you most likely will get bored after a couple of hours, but with this trip, you would be making stops and keeping yourself and your group entertained throughout the whole tour.
This is the best way to get the most out of your day spent in Cozumel for a great price. We also include so much more than any other private excursion in Cozumel.
If you were at one place the entire day, your kids would most likely get bored, but our excursion helps keep the entire family entertained. It’s the best way to get the most out of your day in Cozumel at a great price.
If you're a little behind on schedule when arriving to the island, no worries, your private chauffeur is on your agenda and will be waiting for you!
Your Cozumel Private Chauffeur will be picking you up at the cruise ship pier with our modern, clean, safe, A/C car ready to start your adventure, also we will be bringing a cooler with ice and we will stop at a store so that you can buy your soft drinks, beer, water, or whatever it is you would like to have for the tour. Our tour guides / chauffeurs are safe, cautious, smart, and have spent their entire life on the island and they will help you to plan a route to make sure you maximize your time and take advantages of all your chronology on the island.
Cozumel Private Chauffeur Excursion Mayan Ruins We do have some recommendations as to stops you might want to make in your tour, first the San Gervasio ruins is a place where both adults and children can enjoy sightseeing some iguanas at the mayan ruins, also you might want to go to the other side of the island where there are less crowded beaches, stop at the zip line park or go straight to "El Mirador", which is where local craftsmen make jewelry with local black coral and there are blow holes and craggy rocks with breathtaking blue and turquoise waters and to get great photos.
Another good choice is that you can go to the other side of the island, stop at playa bonita restaurant & bar or another restaurant for snacks, great food, and cold beer, then punta sur which is an eco-park where you can see crocodiles, more iguanas, birds and other regional wildlife species.
Cozumel Private Chauffeur Excursion Food At this eco-park you can climb the lighthouse for a beautiful view of the island, then you can go to palancar beach to swim and play in the sand or snorkel in the ocean, and maybe some souvenir shopping, and don't worry because you will have your expert Chauffeur that will gladly make recommendations according to your interests and what you feel like along the way!
On our way back from the beach we can stop at a local chocolate factory and spend some time in the downtown area of island. These are just a few examples of how you can spend your time in Cozumel and get a good tour and comprehension of the geography on the island in 4 to 5 hours of excursion. Can a cruise shore excursion match this service with big groups of people? I don't think so, besides this way you don't have to follow someone else's schedule.
Cozumel Private Chauffeur Excursion San Gervasio Thank you for taking your time to read this information and we guarantee that by taking this tour you and your family will have an amazing time! Our small business has created this excursion that makes it possible to accommodate everyone and to make sure your time in Cozumel is an unforgettable one! If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any of them. This is the perfect and ideal private excursion with a local; you will feel safe throughout the tour and at a very reasonable price.

Meeting Point

Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoIf you are arriving at cruise ship pier, we will pick you up at the taxi line that is right outside the dock.
Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoIf you are staying at a hotel we will pick you up at you hotel lobby and in some cases in the taxi line that is outside your hotel.
Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoIf you are coming from the mainland (Playa del Carmen) we will meet you off the pier as soon as you get off the ferry.


Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoIce chest with ice (We stop at a convenience store so you can buy beer, sodas, snacks, etc.)
Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoGas/Fuel
Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoInsurance
Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoBilingual Tour Guide (English/Spanish)
Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoChauffeur / Guide for 4 hours that will be solely dedicated to your group and will take you to the places you would like to visit.
Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoVehicle with A/C that is comfortable.
Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoWe also have vehicles that are handicap accessible, just make sure to let us know as soon as possible that way we have everything reserved and prepared for your arrival.
Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoFree Tequila Tour by mi Mexico Lindo
Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoOptional drop off in Cozumel downtown for shopping


Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoBeverages, food, entree fees are not included, and all expenses are expected to be paid by the client.
Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoTequila Tasters must be 18 yrs. old and have parent permission


Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoNo charge for changes made 24 hours prior to the scheduled Tour
Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoBad Weather Guarantee
Cozumel best tours in cozumel mexicoIf your cruise ship does not arrive in Cozumel or changes its itinerary Money Back Guaranteed

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Cozumel Private Chauffeur Excursion - $50us Adults

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Customer Service
picture customer service cozumel best tours in cozumel mexico

Hey my name is Paul, feel free to contact me at any time of the day:
USA/Canada: 1-844-890-6275
Cozumel: 987-112-94-91
Playa Del Carmen: 984-115-84-06
Mon thru Fri 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
Sat and Sun 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.
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